Partial Consolidation Efficient and Effective

Don't have enough freight to require a dedicated truck?

Here at DCL, we offer an efficient and effective partial consolidation program that cuts your costs on partial shipments, and decreases the long transit times offered by common LTL carriers. Any large partial is quickly consolidated, and matched with other freight, maximizing your dollar. Large partials are typically any shipment of 5 pallets or more, traveling over 700 miles. Common LTL carriers pick up your freight and take it to a cross-dock facility where it is offloaded repeatedly and sits for days until enough freight is gathered to make a full load. Slow transit times, reclassification of your freight, marked up ‘volume’ quotes, and unwanted claims are a downside of shipping with common LTL carriers. We eliminate these headaches every day for our customers through partial consolidation.

At Direct Connect Logistix, we simply locate trucks with additional room and negotiate a fair rate for the extra space; resulting in less product handling and getting your shipment from point A to B in half the time.

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