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Save time, save hassle.

Part of growing a successful business relies on the ability to ship products in a timely, consistent manner. By hiring professionally managed logistics services, you gain a valuable partner in managing your supply chain needs and an edge over the competition. Direct Connect Logistix customers save money – and hassle – by outsourcing their freight shipping functions to our well-trained logistics professionals rather than handling it themselves; allowing them to focus their time and resources on what they do best.

Why ship with DCL?

  •   Constant, proactive, and timely updates so you never have to ask; you already know
  •   Sense of urgency on every shipment
  •   Speed of Service
  •   Capacity
  •   Convenience

When you work with us you enlist the services of a professionally managed, strategic logistics consultant dedicated to securing the best carrier for each load your company ships. Our team of highly-trained logistics specialists works closely with your business to:

  • Secure each freight shipment at an affordable, cost-effective rate.
  • Assess your individual needs to match you with the correct truckload carrier to accommodate your shipment.
  • Build lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships.
  • Maintain constant communication, providing up-to-the-minute updates on your freight’s status.
  • Predict and avoid logistics problems before they happen with superior freight management technology.
  • Deliver your product on time, every time.

Our 3PL Advantage DCL?

Are you utilizing 3PL correctly in your transportation strategy? Click to download our 3PL Advantage document explaining the convenience in expanding your carrier base.

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