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Whether you’re shipping refrigerated loads, dry loads, LTL, produce, small parcel, Intermodal, drayage, power only, or consolidated partials, our reps ensure you get the best carrier, truck and driver under your load; no exceptions. Our database of pre-qualified partner carriers allows us to select the best possible option for your shipment in a matter of minutes. After passing through our rigorous vetting processes, our carriers are constantly graded and ranked, allowing us to be selective in assigning them to your freight. To be a preferred partner carrier with DCL means companies must maintain the highest quality and safety of their equipment. We require driver cell phone numbers for every load shipped; allowing us to maintain constant, honest and proactive communication throughout transit. We can take that load tracking to the next level, using Macropoint tracking technology, if our customer’s request some added attention. Our team offers unmatched logistics solutions in terms of rates, transit times, and mode of transportation; utilizing our partnerships with well-known, reliable carriers to ensure secure and dependable service.


Full Truck Loads (FTL)

At Direct Connect Logistix, we specialize in full truckload shipments – assessing the individual needs of your business to match you with a truckload carrier that accommodates your shipment in the most cost-effective way possible. We also utilize a network of owner operators who work exclusively with us, allowing us to properly coordinate head hauls and backhauls to pair with your shipments.

Partial Consolidation

Shipping your product, but don't have enough freight to require a dedicated truck?

Here at DCL, we offer an efficient and effective partial consolidation program that cuts your costs on partial shipments, and decreases the long transit times offered by common LTL carriers. Any large partial is quickly consolidated, and matched with other freight, maximizing your dollar. Large partials are typically any shipment of 5 pallets or more, traveling over 700 miles. Common LTL carriers pick up your freight and take it to a cross-dock facility where it is offloaded repeatedly and sits for days until enough freight is gathered to make a full load. Slow transit times, reclassification of your freight, marked up ‘volume’ quotes, and unwanted claims are a downside of shipping with common LTL carriers. We eliminate these headaches every day for our customers through partial consolidation.
At Direct Connect Logistix, we simply locate trucks with additional room and negotiate a fair rate for the extra space; resulting in less product handling and getting your shipment from point A to B in half the time.

Team Driver Service Availability

Quick delivery for perishable, high-value or time sensitive goods.

DCL team driver service offers greater speed and safety for customers looking to deliver high value shipments with fast transit times. Team driver service is available in every region of the United States at any given time. Ask how you can take advantage of this service, and we’ll provide you with a competitive quote.

LTL and Small Parcel

Have a 1 or 3 pallet order you need to ship? You’re in luck because DCL can do that too. We have spent years building our in depth relationships with both national and regional LTL carriers all across the country. Use our discounted high volume pricing to your companies’ advantage. We have hundreds of customers who ship LTL and small parcel. Through leveraging all of that volume, we are able to get you unbelievable pricing on your smaller shipments. Plus, we take all of the work off of your plate. Give us the pallet count, weight, and dimensions of your freight, and we take care of the rest. We get all the LTL carriers to compete against one another, in order to get you the best price possible. In the event there is claim, we handle that for you. In the event, your product is re-classed, we handle that charge for you. Don’t have time to track your shipment….well, we handle that for you too. Email us for an LTL quote and you’ll have your options within minutes.

Intermodal (Rail-Road)

An economical alternative for flexible shipments.

When you ship with Direct Connect Logistix door-to-door rail service, you enlist the services of our knowledgeable team of intermodal freight experts who oversee your shipment from pick-up to delivery. Intermodal is a great economical alternative for shipments that do not require fast transit times, offering greater advantage in terms of cost, safety and reliability. Our contracts and high volume of shipments with major rail lines allow DCL customers to benefit from our incredible discounts on intermodal pricing.



Are you importing or exporting cargo overseas? Or, do you have trouble getting containers moved to/from the rail-ramps?

Sometimes the biggest headache with international shipments can be finding carriers to pick up or deliver your containers from the ports. Whether dry or refrigerated, legal or over-weight, we can help find the best solution for your drayage needs. We have built partnerships with hundreds of drayage-specific carriers around sea-ports and rail-ramps across the US; which enables us to leverage multiple options to get you the price and service you are looking for. At DCL we work closely with our partner carriers, freight-forwarders, and shippers/receivers to minimize the amount of time and energy that you expend dealing with these shipments; as these can be extremely time consuming. We strive to make this process more efficient so that you can dedicate that extra time to building and moving your business forward.


Expedited Services to Canada

Need a shipment to go into or out of Canada?

We do that too. In fact, one of our specialties is moving loads across the border to and from our friends to the North. Direct Connect Logistix offers expedited service to and from Canada, assisting you in the logistics of international shipping. And, since we only ship with well-known, reliable customs bonded carriers, you can be sure your freight is in good hands.


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