Our Values that Drive Success

Our formula for success: hire the best people, inject tons of energy into the work environment, empower them to make great things happen for customers — and buckle in for a wild ride to the top.

Our values exist to attract the best talent, keep them engaged, driven, rewarded, and inspired to serve our customers. Our values and employees’ talents combine to help customers thrive, which we know is the only way for our company to survive

DCL with Riley Childrens Hospital
DCL Staff DCL Staff Party

Our Service is our foundation.

It’s the alpha and omega, long and short, beginning and end — if service doesn’t happen, we’re out of business, period. That’s why we:

Hire intuitive customer service representatives...
...who have mad skills for proactive problem solving...
...and supply them with the most innovative, evolving solutions available.

Our Community is contagious.

Direct Connect Logistix strives to create impact. We value the opportunity we have every day to make a difference for those around us. Create a team of individuals who each feel valued, rewarded and respected, and you’ve created an unstoppable force. If you want to rule the world, build a professional community that’s:

Our Energy is our engine.

What happens when people love what they do and the people they do it with and get excited to see their clients succeed? Turbo boost.

Our engine runs on the high-octane combination of:

...in a fast-paced environment...
...that's active and engaging.